The Peach Advocate

Picture of the finished Peach Advocate, a paper mâché cat with Arduino sensors attached to each of its paws
The Peach Advocate, advocating for all cat litter needs
An orange tabby cat exposing its stomach
The litter box user, Peach
Peach advocate system diagram
  • The first paw would have a proximity sensor in order to determine if a roll of litter bags was around.
  • The second paw would have a motor which, as long as the roll of litter bags is on the left paw, would continue raising over the course of 2 days.
  • Once the second paw is raised 90 degrees, the paw will stay raised, indicating that litter needs to be changed.
  • At any time, if the roll of litter bags is removed and the proximity sensor no longer senses the bags, the second paw will begin to lower back to 0 degrees.

The Electronics

  • Arduino Uno development board
  • Servo motor
  • Motor arm
  • 100UF capacitor
  • Grove base shield for Arduino
  • Grove Infrared Reflective Sensor
  • Mini breadboard
All of the Peach Advocate Arduino code

The Container

Cardboard base + paper mâché structure of the Peach Advocate
Base layer of paint over the structure
Fully painted Peach Advocate container

Putting it all together

Gif of placing a roll of litter bags and an infrared sensor indicating proximity
Attaching the infrared sensor to the paw
A gif of a roll of litter bags being placed on a crafted cat’s paw
One paw attached via screw to hold the litter bag roll
Attaching the motor arm to the second paw
Cat structure with both paws and sensor + motor attached
Both paws attached!
The Peach Advocate internals
The Advocate lowering its paw once its demands are met
Advocate slowly raising its paw over the course of two days (Day 1 and Day 2)
Peach the orange cat peacefully asleep




software engineer | writer

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Allison King

Allison King

software engineer | writer

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