Writing like a coder

  • Fast and easy way to type up a story with occasional formatting (italics, section separators)
  • Version control for peace of mind and to make deleting things not permanent
  • Easy way to search through all chapters
  • Compilation into different formats (pdf, epub, etc.)
  • Markdown for easy typing and formatting
  • Git for version control, using GitHub’s now free private repositories
  • VS Code as an editor with extensions for word count and spelling. Search is easy if the whole folder containing all the chapters is the workspace.
  • Pandoc for compilation to different formats with markdown as an input
├── part-1
│ ├── chapter-01.md
│ ├── chapter-02.md
│ ├── chapter-03.md
│ ├── chapter-04.md
│ ├── chapter-05.md
│ └── chapter-06.md
└── part-2
├── chapter-07.md
├── chapter-08.md
└── chapter-09.md
# word_count.sh
FPATH=$1if [ -z "$1" ]
find "$FPATH" -type f -name 'chapter*.md' | sort | xargs wc -w
./word_count.sh book-1/1117 book-1//part-1/chapter-01.md
3301 book-1//part-1/chapter-02.md
4447 book-1//part-1/chapter-03.md
2600 book-1//part-1/chapter-04.md
5882 book-1//part-1/chapter-05.md
4733 book-1//part-1/chapter-06.md
4348 book-1//part-2/chapter-07.md
5032 book-1//part-2/chapter-08.md
4976 book-1//part-2/chapter-09.md
95767 total
#!/bin/bashpandoc -H options.sty --toc `find book -type f -name 'chapter*.md' | sort` -o book/book.pdf
\onehalfspacing # 1.5 spacing
\usepackage[vmargin=1in,hmargin=1in]{geometry} # margin size
\setlength{\parindent}{2em} # size of paragraph indent
\usepackage{indentfirst} # indent the first paragraph of every section
\usepackage{palatino} # use the Palatino font
pandoc -H ../options.sty \
--toc --metadata title="My Shiny New Book And Me" \
--metadata creator="Chip Skylark" \
`find ../book-1 -type f -name 'chapter*.md' | sort` \
-o ../book-1/book1.epub
Git commit in writing repository with currently reading books




software engineer | writer

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Allison King

Allison King

software engineer | writer

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